Virtual Data Room: Pricing Models

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Virtual data room provides simple and secure document access to facilitate the due diligence process for confidential business deals.

How to Rich the Integrity of Virtual Data Room?

Data room integrity can be ensured by encrypting them with asymmetric cryptographic algorithms, provided that the text to be protected has some redundancy. The latter is necessary so that the attacker, not knowing the encryption key, would not be able to create a cipher that, after decryption, would successfully pass the integrity check.

To ensure integrity, some additional information is often entered into the text of the message, which is easily calculated if the secret key is known, and is difficult to calculate otherwise. If such information is generated and verified using the same secret key, then it is called imitation insertion (in foreign sources, the term Message Authentication Code (MAC) is used, since, in addition to integrity, object authentication can also be provided). The impersonator can be a hash value that depends on a secret key or the output of an encryption algorithm in the cipher block concatenation mode.

When using the integrity sequence number in the , which may include the message sequence number and the source name, the receiver stores the last received message number of each source. For integrity control, the receiver checks, for example, that the sequence number of the integrity of the current message from the given source is one greater than the number of the previous message. If the message sending time is used as the sequence number of the integrity, then it is checked whether the sending time and the receiving time are really close to each other up to the message delay in the communication channel and the difference between the clock rate of the source and the receiver.

How to Find the Best Pricing Model for a Data Room?

To address the issue of choosing the best virtual data room pricing model for your business, the comparison of changes in the performance of a company after it has received direct investment financing with changes in the performance of similar companies without direct investment (using a difference-in-differences analysis). It is important to ensure that companies with direct investment are similar to businesses without direct investment (“control group” of the analysis). In the case of each investee company, the reference group includes five similar firms from operations, drawn from the company database. These firms are selected from the same country and industry and in the same year as the investor and are similar not only in terms of age, average wages, and investment growth, but also in terms of income, assets, and fixed assets over a three-year pre-investment period.

6 recommendations for data security system developers in choosing the best data room pricing model:

  1. All protective equipment used must be user-accessible and easy to maintain.
  2. Each user should be provided with the minimum privileges necessary to perform a specific job.
  3. The protection system must be autonomous.
  4. It is necessary to provide for the possibility of disabling protective mechanisms in situations where they are an obstacle to the performance of work.
  5. Security designers must take into account the maximum degree of hostility in the environment, that is, assume the worst intentions on the part of attackers and the ability to bypass all defense mechanisms.
  6. The presence and location of protective mechanisms must be confidential.
  7. Providing physical security for the personnel of the enterprise.
  8. Protection and safety of property values.
  9. Protection and safety of property values.
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