Benefits of Using automatic mandate processing

Advantages of automatic mandate processing

No matter whether you are a small office community or a large SME law firm – our automation solutions help you achieve your goals faster and focus on your core business.

Try out 4 workflows and the law firm search 30 days for free in your law firm. Simply plug it into the socket and put it into operation via WLAN or network.

Free Shipping

Ready for immediate use

Use even without existing IT infrastructure

4 standard workflows (client acquisition, extension of deadline, status request, payment request)

Registry search included

After the test phase: adaptation of the workflows to your law firm

From Chatbot to apps and digital dictation to assistant software solutions, a wealth of digital solutions can be integrated into both client and clerical pages. Important first step before implementation? Ask yourself if the product fits you and your law firm and gives you real added value.

Our motto is: There is (almost) nothing that can not be automated. In doing so, you will not receive a standard solution from us that only partially covers your needs. Rather, we develop an individual solution for your law firm. We can map all the particularities of mandate processing or clients. The blueprint are your individual processes – nothing else.

As a rule, we recommend our customers to start with a first automation project. This is usually a manageable but labor-intensive workflow in the law firm. So we have e.g. Automated all collection bills in a law firm. Gradually, the other workflows can then be integrated and automated with.

There are endless ways to automate some of your legal practice with LegalTech and assist lawyers with routine tasks. Everything starts with a workshop through us.