How do I find the right lawyer software for my law firm?

At the beginning of 2019 the our website was launched. It helps attorneys to choose the right law firm software and what to look for when choosing it.

Our resource is  directed to all lawyers who are looking for entry into a suitable law firm software or want to make a change.

What are the benefits of using the appropriate law firm software?

The software should adapt to the user and not vice versa. Many opportunities offered by lawyers are not exploited in law firms. An example of this is the open-item list. This provides an overview of the outstanding status of the law firm at a glance. Often, however, this open item list is not up to date, because e.g. Invoices are booked multiple times and therefore can not fulfill their purpose. The use of the software from a business point of view is rarely the focus of the users. Ideally, one can “tailor” the software to the conditions in the law firm.

What should be considered when choosing the software?

First ignore the purchase price. The running costs for maintenance and care as well as the “indirect costs” with a bad user friendliness are crucial. Be sure to involve your staff in the selection process. No software is error free. Acceptance increases when the decision is made jointly by lawyers and employees. The most expensive thing about the law firm software is the working time when the software is not available. Therefore, m.E. Accessible and functional support is important to help with problems.

How does the website help in choosing the right lawyer software?

You get an overview of proven programs that have been on the market for many years. New providers are included in the overview. In addition, you will receive decision support to find the right software for you. The rule is that there is not “the right software” for everyone. Depending on the purpose, a program that works well with a colleague may be inappropriate for your own law firm. In the future, more and more services in which the law firm will no longer hold its own servers and use cloud solutions will shake up the market.


From a law firm software you expect a significant improvement of your processes and thus a gain in time, money and overview of your mandates. Get to know timeSensor LEGAL in our tour and find out:

  • how easy it is to open new clients and new mandates
  • how conflicts of interest are automatically detected
  • How quickly you record your services in the timesheet
  • How to trigger an invoice with just a few clicks
  • how clearly your documents and emails are archived
  • How the software proactively reminds you of deadlines and deadlines