Process Automatization in Law Companies

How can I automate my law firm?

Legal work can not be automated? Wrong thought! All tasks that are executed more than once;

Is automation possible in a law firm?

Lawyers say automation of lawyers is impossible. But every repetitive task is suitable for automation.

Think of capturing new clients, mandate contracts, objections, deadline extensions, or request for progress. Everything can be automated.

Automation goes far beyond text modules. It integrates existing software, reduces friction losses between attorney and secretary and eliminates unnecessary work steps.

If you also have questions about digitization of the legal profession, or if you are interested in a non-binding demonstration of what is possible today in the combination of computer science and law, you are welcome to contact the staff of our team.

We are a young team and work in the heart of the USA on a clear goal: to lead the legal profession into a new, digital age. Our company does not overturn any other software to law firms, but optimizes the individual workflows in each law firm through its own software solutions.

With individual concepts, state-of-the-art technology and unmatched service, we also automate your law firm, reducing error rates and increasing efficiency.

How to automate your own law firm A Hamburg startup helps. Legal Tech is the buzzword of last year. The search queries on Google jumped and that shows – even lawyers have to take care of the digitization. Our startup is now helping law firms and helping to digitize and automate the law firm.

The startup was founded in 2017 by a lawyer and a computer scientist. “It is our vision to simply and intelligently depict the processes of a firm’s law office in order to create unforeseen efficiency gains,” says computer scientist Fabricio of the idea of ​​the startup. “Many lawyers simply can not imagine what is possible with today’s technology,” he adds. From the very beginning, therefore, the development of another lawyer’s software was not the main focus – “there is already enough of that on the market,” adds founding partner Dr. Ing. Tristan Wegner. “In my job as a lawyer, I quickly discovered that lawyer software really does not work. The right efficiency gains only occurred when we started automating a large number of work steps and partially automating legal audits. “The focus was always on interlinking the existing systems in such a way that automated procedures, for example, were possible. after certain entries have been started by the secretariat in the lawyer’s software on their own or to automatically restore automatically created documents into the existing document management system.